Farm House Paints

farmhouse paintsFarmhouse Paint Instructions: Beautiful Examples of the Final Results at Grace Designs

Always clean surface with a product such as CRUDCUTTER to remove dirt, grease, and wax. Apply w/ a brush, foam roller, or sprayer. When using a roller, load roller w/ a sufficient amount of paint and do not overwork the surface. If desired, sand between coats w/ a sanding block, sanding in 1 direction. Wipe off dust w/ a damp cloth. Paints can be diluted w/ water by 20%-sometimes useful on the 2nd coat for ultra smooth finish. Farmhouse Paints are extremely durable and no wax or topcoats are needed1124


`-Use a fine grit sanding block to sand the entire surface to get a silky smooth finish.

– Use Coarse/Medium grit sanding block to sand edges and raised areas to distress as desired

– Paint one color. When completely dry, paint another color over first color. When dry to touch sand back to first color. Continue this method with as many colors as desired.

– Paint multiple colors randomly at the same time, leave as is or sand to distress and mingle both together


Antiquing Gel Instructions:

The antiquing gels add depth and age to a piece of furniture by softening the color. The asphaltum gel goes well over the blue, grey and white colors, while the tea stain goes with the warm colors such as tans, browns, and yellows. To get that perfect dark brown, both colors can be mixed together.

-Brush or roll Antiquing Gel onto piece with 100% coverage, execute each section separately. Example might include front of drawer, top of table, side of chest, etc.

– Immediately while wet, wipe with cheesecloth, taking off as much as desired by using more clean cheesecloth. Gel will remain in crevices, indentations and surface.


Crackleize under crusting mix:

Crusting Mix is used to achieve the look of old paint that has peeled or chipped over time

-Apply Crackleize to surface with brush or roller. Allow to dry until tacky.
-30 minutes to 1 hour or more–depending on thickness of Crackleize applied and humidity.

– Apply Crusting Mix with brush or roller to entire surface.

– When cracking starts to appear (usually 10-15 minutes), use a slightly dampened sea sponge roller, sea sponge, or cheesecloth to lightly remove Crusting Mix, pulling off random areas, creating voids for a peeling, chipped off effect.

– Allow cracking and crusting to continue until dry.
– When dry, seal with Antiquing Gel- brush on, wipe off with cheesecloth.


Crackleize under Farmhouse Paint:

Crackleize under paint give the look of cracked paint-Porcelain cracks by using thin layer of Crackleize and paint and larger cracks by using thicker layers.

– Apply Crackleize on edges, random desired areas, or entire surface.

– Apply Farmhouse Paint over the entire surface. Paint will crackle over areas that have Crackleize underneath. The more paint and Crackleize used, the larger the cracks.

– Optional effect: When Farmhouse Paint is approximately 80% dry, use a 2” scraper to lightly scrape off areas where the Crackleize was applied. This will create a distressed chipped off effect with crackling in areas. Allow to completely dry.


Metallic shimmers:

Shimmer foil is used to accent ornate areas on furniture, frames or edges w/ a variety of metallic colors.

– Apply thin application of Metalize with brush or roller to desired surface area (apply to designated detailed areas or total surface). When surface becomes tacky (test with knuckle-should not stick on skin).

– Lay Metallique Shimmer backside (dull Side) down onto tacky coat. Use Farmhouse Shimmer Brush to brush down and smooth out Metallique Shimmers to adhere to surface.

– Pull off clear sheet attached, and discard. (only expect to release 80-95% of shimmers)


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